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About Me

Shy, soft-spoken, stylish and (a little) sweet.

Those are not the words that accurately describe my character. Well, at least not beyond surface level.

I consider myself quite the rebel. I get moved and motivated by things that go against the status quo; things that bend and break the rules; things that shift boundaries; things that exist way outside the box. I hate restraints!

So I go barefoot. 

Unfortunately for me though, being quite the girly-girl with a phobia of most living creatures, limited patience, and a slight touch of OCD, mounting my soles on things that are squishy, jagged, slimy, untimely, moving, messy, noisemaking or cold (you get the picture) isn't my bed of roses.

So this is me stepping outside my comfort zone every now and again to keep life interesting - the way it ought to be. Join me on my adventures as I explore the Caribbean (and the great beyond) and share my experiences with strange, new things.

Let's go barefoot.

Contact Me:


Ms. Genieve Hanley

Explorer, Chicken & Caribbean Brand Curator

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