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The Alexander Hamilton Dinner, Four Seasons Nevis

American Statesman and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, #AlexanderHamilton was born on January 11th, 1755 or 1757 (the year debatable between historians) on the charming island of #Nevis. The date deserved a celebration, which led us at #CBJ to the soulful Four Seasons Resort, Nevis for a #dinner which brought several local foodie, culture and travel influencers together at one table - @everytingsimsimma @kevakevs @seannwarner @genievecjh @danceballer @destineewg @kingbri89 - an epic collab!

Enjoyed alongside great energy, beautiful #ambiance and good conversations was the special three course menu starring delightful #saltfish rolls to start, the most tender ribs braised for four+ hours over the creamiest #polenta and a rich, warm apple tart for #dessert served with ice cream. Yum! 😋 A few additional plates and bowls were brought out to share including a refreshing kale salad, snapper ceviche, lobster bisque and the (now famous because I said so and it was that good) CRAB CAKES! (The #CrabCakes deserve their own post, pending. Trust me on this one!) 🦀🍴🤤

And no celebratory dinner is complete without cocktails so our #CheersMoment saw glasses of Surfer’s Spritz, The Waterfall, Spicy Lychee, a Habanero Mule and the popular #KendiesKick clink together. 🥂

So now we’ll be marking this date every year to look out and see what this sensational resort has in store. Another extraordinary dining experience down at @fsnevis - They never, ever disappoint! 👩🏽‍🍳👌🏽 #ChefsKiss #CBJRecommends

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