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"Look Mama! I Made It!" - St. Barths, Pt. 1

I’ve always wanted to go to #StBarths. Celebrity hotspots, beautiful beaches, designer boutiques, luxury restaurants… You know #KeepingUpWithTheKardashians ish. Bleh! Seriously though, I’ve done most Caribbean islands and this one remained outstanding all this time. Now I can say “CHECK”!

Let’s start this off by talking arrival. I always saw SBH listed on these ‘Top 10 Scariest Runway Landings’ lists and you know me… #yolo, so I flew in. I’m actually still confused. Landing wasn’t a horror movie at all <insert awkward silence here>. Smooth as a baby’s bottom. As we disembarked, we were enthusiastically welcomed by Sabin Cagan, the Operation Manager of St. Barth Services, who we were so very lucky to meet. He is probably the island’s national hero. I’ll explain why later. Taxis are expensive. Well, everything is. We paid 20 Euros to literally drive around the corner to town. We weren’t in the vehicle for more than 3 minutes. Oh well! St. Barths - 1. Team Bougie & Lazy - 0. Gustavia was beautiful though. It sat on the edge of the sea with luxury yachts and pretty sailboats all around. Everything was so squeaky clean and the stores all along the harbour were quite charming. The vibe walking around was definitely European. I changed my name to Claire that day. Our mid-morning wanderings in and out of the boutiques led us to @lebardeloubli where we sat, avoided the sun (which seemed to shine the most on St. Barths) and did some highly productive people watching. A few idle macchiatos & glasses of chardonnay and we were refueled for more nomadic behavior.

Our next stop was #ShellBeach. Definitely a stop to make if you’re on the island. It’s lovely. Not overrated at all. We kicked our shoes off (literally) and nested at @shellona_sbh. Being the rebel that I totally am (swords in the air) I selected the unconventional seating out of all the decent options -adorable mats and jumbo cushions on the sand, well shaded, cozy and comfy, around a coffee table made for very low dining or for posh elves. We loved it. Our new Bohemian selves toasted to love, life and more libations. But then…

Blog continues w/ Pt. 2 - “What Happens in St. Barths"...

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