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Why We 'Like A Latte'!

What started off as a regular desperate #coffee run (happens often) turned into a full #breakfast experience I won’t forget.

Found @likealatte.antigua by chance on a detour off Friars Hill Road. Was going to order my #cappuccino to go but the place was so inviting and seemed special so I sat and stayed. Good decision.

I met Sasha, the most welcoming, pleasant, friendly, helpful and charming host. Good people.

My order off the breakfast menu was ‘Boozy French Toast’ - “crunchy, soaked in Bailey’s and topped with caramelized bananas”. I expected it to be good, but not as AMAZING as it was. Best #FrenchToast I’ve ever had, hands down!!! Score = 12/10!

I liked it so much I came back the following morning for another set.

Looking for a good breakfast in #ANU, choose Like A Latte!

- 💙 @genievecjh x @caribbeanbarefootjourneys

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