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A Hidden Paradise... (literally!)

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

My last family getaway was actually in Nevis - an island a stone throw away from my home in St. Kitts. Quite the last-minute masters, we found ourselves at @paradisebeachnevis, a neatly tucked away gem nestled between palm trees and a secluded seashore. Our accommodation was a two-bedroom villa overlooking God’s splendor, perfectly positioned to watch the sun set and just a footsteps away from the beach. With a private plunge pool on deck, its style was Caribbean-quaint yet contemporary, fusing a thatched roof, lattice frames, floral print throw pillows and expected vases of hibiscus, seamlessly with the ultra-modern sleekness and convenience of a city hotel’s luxury amenities, smart lighting control systems, and my toddler’s favourite: a jumbo flat screen tv hidden in a chest which rose up with the touch of a button.

Our stay was dually exciting and peaceful. We felt withdrawn from the hustle of everyday life but not disconnected from the things that made life functional and easy. The staff was welcoming and willing to go the extra mile with service that seemed natural and from the heart. We spent our weekend either relaxing in the unprecedented charm of our beach house indoors, or enjoying the sequester of the beach and the food and cocktails of the convenient bar that dotted it. (Juice for the four year old!) Not all places I enjoy, I would readily return to. Was this one of them? On the pricey side, it’s not a place you’d stay often but certainly the ambience and accommodation made every penny (all 179,864 thousand of them) seem worth it. Our daughter cried when we were leaving and that alone is enough to endorse and give this property both thumbs way up!

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