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A Marketing Manager Turned Mixologist

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Simple, serene, soulful. Modest, maverick and mellow yet outright marvelous! These are the choice adjectives I unhesitatingly pin to Discovery Beach Bar - a rustic gem tucked intriguingly away in the palm-shaded sand on South Friars Bay, St. Kitts.

While most restaurants and places to hang out can be a bit cliché and cluttered - bustling with tourists - this spot remains easygoing and unassuming, quite like its owner, Morsi, the lifeblood of the small bar which actually doubles up as his home. Yes, he lives there, he told me, and gave up his rule-laden marketing career some decades ago to pursue a more placid, uncomplicated way of life, in a shack on the beach with his dog. His passion for love, levity and life certainly transcends into his food, drinks and the total ambiance of his abode as host and his own mixologist and 5-star chef.

Weathered hammocks, good-vibes music, autographed wooden fittings and furniture, aromatic ‘incense’, strong but smooth rum punch and quite possibly the most flavorful ginger chicken wings in the world, Discovery is effortlessly quintessential laid-back Caribbean.

It’s the ultimate place to literally let your hair down, go barefoot, and truly enjoy the lightness and fine flavor of life. Epic ‘discovery’.

For more photos of this modest beach bar, visit us on Facebook or Instagram.

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