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A Tipsy Leprechaun

I love challenging #bartenders. (Some are probably gonna duck and hide when they see me coming now.) But seriously, I am such an indecisive person sometimes when it comes to what I want to eat or drink in the moment, that the best route for me to take is to let my server or bartender decide.

During a recent visit to the @stkittsmarriott ’s lobby bar, #Arwee, I met a darling #mixologist

named Tiyan. She was inviting, outgoing and charming - all the right ingredients for a bartender who was not only going to serve you drinks, but #life at the same time. During our conversation, she picked up on my indecisiveness and volunteered to make me a drink according to what I usually liked in a cocktail (no challenge was even necessary). And she presented me this:

“The Tipsy Leprechaun” - a custom shaken drink she whipped up on the sweet side (my preference), with a solid kick (also my preference).

Now while this may not seem like a major feat, I beg to differ. St. Kitts is an island evolving more and more into service-based industries as #tourism takes the lead in its economy. As a resident, I’ll admit that it’s not always easy or natural to find people and places who professionally operate from a level of high and genuine service, so when I do experience it to any good degree, I toot the horn.

Thank you Tiyan, for my wonderful bar experience, my custom drink, your patience with my indecisiveness, our good conversation and your outgoing spirit. May I recommend that your Tipsy Leprechaun makes it as a permanent fixture on Arwee’s drink menu. Cheers! 🍹 - @genievecjh

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