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All It Took Was A Cookie

An oatmeal cookie to be exact, and we were sold! 🍪

I must admit, the last time I went to @palmscourtgardens to dine was probably over two years ago. I wrote it off as one of those tourist-laden places that churned out quick, ‘don’t care if I ever see you again’, cliché food and cocktails, with little regard to serve local guests who may be far more picky, but likely to return. What a pleasant surprise I got when I recently returned for lunch with a friend. The service was absolutely outstanding! Somebody did an overhaul.

The food was pleasant and so were the frozen drinks, but it was the warmth, pleasant demeanor and attention to detail of the wait staff that stole the show. Eloquent exchanges, genuine care and personality were the order of the day as we dined. Just when we thought we were done, the staff walked around and offered warm, homemade, complimentary oatmeal cookies to all guests. When I asked about the catch, I was told they share fresh baked treats from time to time as an added touch to their service.

I was so impressed I called out the manager to find out who or what was responsible for the major change and a very humble lady from #Antigua introduced h

erself and explained her long-standing dedication to customer service and credited her whole team for joining her focus. Palms Court Gardens, well done! Many other places should adopt your new attitude! 👏🏽

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