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Free Mimosas for the WIN!

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

I’m not a big #breakfast person so I’m grossly under-qualified to make this post but here goes anyway! Starting a day at @fsanguilla is a mighty good way to inject some quality #fuel, #sunshine and #snaps into the hours ahead.

I visited the resort for the breakfast buffet which surprisingly was just over forty bucks per guest. Not bad for a posh meal including the whole works - an unlimited variety of fresh fruit, juice, coffee, tea, yogurt, cereal, muesli, cold cuts, pastry, meat, veggies and omelette stations - just to name a few features which beautifully mosaicked the restaurant floor (and my plate). Cobá, is a chic glass-framed restaurant located bluff-top, offering stunning, panoramic views of a calm, cobalt blue bay. While sipping my tea (and minding my business) I was able to take in the serene scenes of yachts and fishing boats sailing lazily by.

But good turned GREAT when Kareen, my server, brought complimentary #mimosas to my table after instinctively picking up that it was someone at the table’s special occasion. She inquired and eagerly returned with a from-the-gut birthday song and a flaming chocolate mousse dessert that lit up my heartstrings and tastebuds.

This post is a ‘thank you’ to her and the rest of the team at #Coba who made my visit there unintentionally one to long remember. Cheers (with my free mimosas). 🥂🍾

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