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Island Vibe Easter Eggs

Take a few short minutes this Easter to add some real vibes to your Easter Eggs!

Paper towels, a little vinegar, hard-cooked eggs, food coloring, water, rubber bands and a spray bottle are all you need to create one of a kind egg designs that can range from water-colour through to tie-dye style: 1) Pick the colors you'd like to feature on your egg. With fair spacing, drip several drops of those colors on to a sheet of paper towel. The closer you place the drops together, the more saturated the colors will be as they blend. Bear in mind that brands of paper towels are perforated differently, so the texture of the result design on the egg surface may vary.

2) Mix one teaspoon of vinegar with one cup of water and pour this potion into your spray bottle. Lightly mist the paper towel so that the colors start to diffuse. Your paper towel should end up damp, not soaked.

3) Wrap the paper towel taut around an egg and secure the wrap with a rubber band. Let it sit for just a minute and then unwrap. Let dry. Voila!

Happy Easter from #CBJ.

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