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Paradise within a Paradise within a Paradise!

So me being the FBI agent that I am not, I googled out of curiosity, the name ‘Zemi’, to find that it is actually the dub of a deity lauded by the Taino people of the ancient Caribbean. So we’re off to a great start here. A historical or cultural link is always a win for me as a patriot of our region. Let’s go.

Zemi Beach House was a paradise, within a paradise, within a paradise for me. Bear with me as I explain how. I’m such an Anguilla junkie. I joke all the time about moving there. It’s my perfect mix of quiet, chill and upscale all at the same time. I can wear a raggedy t-shirt and my signature beach bum flip-flip flops and I can put-my-thing-down-flip-it-and-reverse-it with an elegant dress, updo and heels. There’s a place for everything and everyone there.

Zoom in from the overall idyllic picture of the total island, to my temporary home for a few days, Zemi Beach House, and you get another look at heaven – an intimate, breathtaking, practical property with unconquerable service as icing on the cake. Our welcome upon arrival was warm and genuine (I hate when staff seem scripted and rehearsed) and check-in was pretty straightforward. We had arrived quite early in the morning, so we were invited to enjoy their complimentary breakfast, the spa and the pool (bar) before we headed to our room. Not a bad idea, if you ask me.

Breakfast at their signature restaurant, 20 Knots, not just that morning, but every morning, was a beauty to behold and got a ‘yum’ effect easily, every time. Fresh juice, coffee, mimosas, fruit, veggies, pastries, cheeses, cold cuts, breads, cereal, eggs, sausages, bacon, potatoes (I’m running out of commas here)… What did they not have for breakfast on gorgeous, orderly display every time? Dinner there also didn’t disappoint!

Poolside was a dream with private cabanas and oversized beds. “WE SPRAWL RIGHT OUT!” (True islanders know what I mean by this). Tuneero, the Recreation Supervisor, gladly introduced himself and treated us to custom cocktails. We actually think his real position there is ‘magician’ with the concoctions he put together like berry-packed mojitos. *Drools*.

Their spa was world-class and significant, being a 300 year old Thai rice barn, converted to offer modern but timeless facilities and treatments good enough to pamper royalty (such as me, Ha!). We spent quite a bit of time at the vanity pool and in the sauna, or just enjoying the basic bliss of jumbo swinging hammocks. Treatments we’ll leave for another review.

Damian gladly escorted us around the property in his cart whenever we switched locations (also known as not wanting to walk anywhere because we are lazy). He’s so nice.

But of all this, our room as our haven (the third, layer of paradise) – muted tones in décor (yaaaaasss!!); two queen-size beds for my best friend and I (we’re close but not that close, lol); a huge soaking tub with mineral salt and scrub amenities; double vanities; a rain shower; personalized minibar; and an ocean view to die for. Non-standard perks (as if I listed any standard ones) were our comp beach bags and flip flops, WiFi that never fumbled <insert fireworks here> and nightly turndown service with treats like freshly baked cookies delivered to our door. It was hard to leave this place (and lifestyle) but do not worry. WE SHALL RETURN. Zemi family, hold our spots please. It was a 10 / 10 for us.

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