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Personality Meets Peace

Centuries-old stone walls flanked by boho-chic design on the inside, and the raw unapologetic beauty of a 40 acre garden on the exterior. @goldenrockinn is truly a one of a kind place where pure personality meets pure peace.

My visits here always lead me to two main things: wandering around to pique my curiosity, discovering something interesting I’ve never seen before each time; and the conch chowder served with the most delicious, buttery homemade bread! 🍲🍞

“An aesthete’s playground” they call it as the venue crisscrosses neon, apparently mismatched (but wonderfully coordinated) furniture and brow-raising eccentric decor with the depth of history and picture-perfect nature.

Some day soon I hope to stay and experience the accommodation too at this well-treasured, character filled boutique hotel on #Nevis. For more coverage and photography on this location visit us on Facebook and Instagram.

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