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Spontaneous Smoothie & Carrot Cake!

Well damn. Somebody could have told me about the sheer goodness of the @harvest_hideaway and @thebreadchick!

Spontaneously, I took a 20 minute drive over on the South East Peninsula to have breakfast at Park Hyatt, but got distracted by some hustle and bustle happening on The Coconut Farm located just before it. I swung in and noticed (looking news) a little market set up with fresh fruit, veggies, fish and more.

Lo and behold, there was a neat set up of homemade pastries and bread too. I spotted a cream-filled carrot cake that literally jumped up out of its container and screamed my name. Right next to it was a shack, the rightfully named ’Harvest Hideaway’, serving an assortment of smoothies which I thought would go pretty well with my new, random breakfast plan. Out of all the appetizing options, I chose the ‘Mellow Yellow’ - a blend of pineapple juice, carrot, banana, ginger and turmeric. ’Twas refreshing and delightful.

And after sitting down and consuming the entire confection I was tempted to buy The Bread Chick’s entire crate of carrot cake and smuggle it off the peninsula. This should give you my perspective on the taste. Coconut Farm, I shall be back!

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