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The Perfect Fish on Land

I’ve been silent. I’ve been to quite a few places during the holiday season but bluntly, none of them jumped out at me as blog-worthy. Nothing particularly fabulous, nothing particularly critical. But then came this... A fish burger at Cleveland Gardens 🍔🐟 - a neat, new restaurant on Pinney’s Bypass Road, #Nevis. Owned by its namesake, Cleve Pemberton, who opened it a few months ago in October, 2018, it left me wondering why none of my #Nevisian friends told me about this place.

At first glance when you walk in you don’t expect much, with its humble, quaint demeanor - a work-in-progress botanical garden filled with random trinkets, surrounding a breezy, open porch covered with galvalume. But from the moment you sit, that all changes.

Cleve greeted me and introduced himself with 5-star charm, and quickly proved himself to be the type of host that is so genuinely proud and honored to have you as his guest with his warm welcome. After gladly presenting his menu which listed some tempting options, he highly recommended his fish burger which he explained was made of perfectly seasoned and seared fresh salmon - the most requested item on his menu by repeat visitors. I obliged, as there must be a reason why.

Cleveland did not lie. It was hands-down the best fish burger I’ve ever had in years! It was one of those meals you know was made with pure pride and love (and finesse). Onion rings and a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade garnished with mint taken immediately from his garden topped it off. The little fresh flower centerpieces, island-scene table mats, silk paintings and inspirational plaques - focal points of the abstract decor - added well to the total ambiance and experience.

Good luck to Cleve with his new restaurant and if you ever stop by and order the fish burger, tell him I sent you.

More photos available on Facebook and Instagram.

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