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Wash Your Hands Before Dinner!

A dining table set literally on the edge of the sea. A spa-style hand treatment before you sit. Quaint, Venetian-style opulence all around. Privacy, bespoke moments and tiny treasures throughout. These are the things that linger with me after dining one evening at Pimm’s at @belmondcapjuluca, #Anguilla. Softly lit, with an aura dictated by the to and fro soundtrack of the waves, Pimm’s hands-down receives my award for ‘most romantic’.

Upon arrival, I was sweetly prompted to sit at Cip’s by Cipriani - a bar just adjacent to the dining area where I got introduced to the ‘Island Pimm’s Cup’ - the bartender’s highly recommended cocktail made of spiced Pimm’s No 1., ginger ale, freshly cut cucumber and mint leaves. Thank you Leron for your suggestion! It was the perfect palate opener - light, airy and refreshing with just the kick I needed.

After just a few short minutes, the Maître D' advised that my table was ready, but invited me first to try something I’ve never experienced before at any other dining place - a signature hand wash at a marble basin located at the entrance. “My hands aren’t dirty,” I thought upon the strange invitation but when I picked up the scent of the coconut milk and sea salt that were combined to make a scrub for the experience, I quickly found a few germs to wash off ;-) Ooohhh, and it left my hands feeling like a dream!

Already receiving a 10/10 from me (and I didn’t even dine yet) my soft-handed self was floored when I was ushered to my table brimming the sea! One dramatic shift of my chair and I’d be taking a dive. Epic!

I spent the evening seaside indulging in rosé from their @winespectator multi-year award-winning #winelist and chowing down their fine cuisine. The dry-aged rib eye came served on a bed of blue cheese rice (a new one for me), chanterelles, seared shallots and port wine jus. The tang of the raspberry sorbet sealed the deal.

My experience at Pimm’s came with the weighty price tag you’d expect from a luxury restaurant, but I’d definitely say the panoramic water’s edge view, raw romantic ambience, service, wine and food, warranted the bill. Cheers to baby’s bottom hands and beautiful memories made!

A gallery of photos taken during this experience is available on Facebook & Instagram.


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