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Who Should Stay at The Ocean Terrace Inn

City-based, cozy, convenient. These are the first three words that pop to mind when thinking of the Ocean Terrace Inn, a hotel perched perfectly in Fortlands, Basseterre, overlooking the heart of the island’s bustling capital. Our recent stay there equated to two (out of two) solid nights’ sleeps in comfy beds, in well-appointed rooms, situated adjacent to a swimming pool, surrounded by beautiful flora all around. (Whew, that’s a happy mouthful!).

What we liked about OTI the most was its location. Though crowning the busy town and offering quick and easy access to its facilities, it easily provided recluse and was the sort of peaceful detachment you’d expect from a vacation hotel in the tropics. Our time was well-spent, dining between its two restaurants—The Verandah and Fisherman’s Wharf. The former lived up to its name, providing breezy, beautiful views for dining with a show-stopping Sunday Caribbean Buffet experience. The food was amazing, happening to pay homage to some of our favourite local and regional dishes.

The Fisherman’s Wharf was another cool spot to hang out for some grub, with a delightful range of ‘island food’ options—the Flame-Grilled Lobster Tail (roasted in Garlic Beurre Blanc) and the Chili Glazed Crispy Calamari, being the well-deserved stars of the show. We were lucky while there to also experience ‘Caribbean Night’, a signature OTI experience, which happens every Friday at the Wharf—another buffet option but this time with bare vibes, as we enjoyed a very talented, live steel-pan player while chowing down on our meal. We highly recommend this spot at night, if even for a cocktail (or two, or three, or four…) by the bar. There’s nothing like seeing the city twinkle at night with the soothing sound of the sea right beside you.

The rest of our time was spent exploring the property, checking out its fitness center, its koi fish pond, lazing around by the pool. Entirely relaxing.

So who would we recommend visits or stays at OTI?

1) Carnival Revelers – If you come to St. Kitts just for a ‘jam’, being situated in Basseterre where all the action happens is a major plus.

2) Business Travelers – Complimentary Wi-Fi, conference rooms, and location makes meetings and staying on top of things a no-brainer.

3) Staycationers – A quick and affordable way to disconnect for a bit. Book a room, close the drapes and completely rejuvenate.

4) Families – The wading area at the pool was a stand-out. It allows for toddlers to splash around safely while parents can put their feet up nearby in a chair, under an umbrella and enjoy a blissful moment.

5) Local Foodies – Even beyond the mentioned dining options, we found OTI to be a nice spot for an after-work lime.

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