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Why Buzo Buzzes...

Confession: I’m not a big eater. (Yes, now we can close down the Internet.) I don’t eat a lot of food. I struggle with big portions. I thrive with two meals a day. I barely ever know what I really want to eat, and I’m not big on snacking either. Miss me with the munchies.

And you know what? I think all this makes me an even bigger #foodie because when it is chow time, it has to effin’ count. My attention to detail, especially when dining out is sharp and yes, I can get #bothered. Ideally, I want all my senses to be aroused, not just taste. I’m easygoing but can be hard to please too.

So in general, when you see me recommend and rave about a spot or a dish, know that it’s worked very hard for its accolades. And Buzo Osteria Italiana in Barbados gets all the praise, for these simple but simultaneously experienced reasons:

1. Ambiance - A+! Right up my alley. Modern, beautifully lit, cozy feel with a dash of quirk and whimsy. Someone put their soul into it.

2. Service - Pleasant, professional, attentive and quick (without feeling rushed or overwhelming). That’s important.

3. Food - Yum! Yum! Yum! (Did I say ‘yum’?) Our table was served Olive Bread, Lentil & Barley Soup, Bruschetta and Beef Lasagna. Nailed it.

4. Cocktails - Orgasmic. I never had a Sorrel Bellini until now and it surely complemented the #mood of the season.

5. Restrooms - (Yes I’m the weirdo that believes you can easily judge the standard of restaurant by its bathrooms...) LUXURIOUS!

6. Vibes - Felt metropolitan with sweetly opposing echoes of being actually situated amidst the calm of #islandlife. “Secksay!

When I’m back in Barbados, I’ll be back at @buzobarbados . - @genievecjh

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