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Family + Nature = Livelihood

‘Roast corn’, fish water, fresh fruits and veggies, livestock, sea creatures, textiles, health and safety items, a children’s play area, folklore icons - all locally powered - were neat features of the annual Nevis Agriculture Fair held Thursday 28th March, 2019.

I was a first-time visitor yesterday, and I must admit I enjoyed it far more than I imagined I would. Nevisians are honestly some of the friendliest, most welcoming and passionate people! I’ve made so many friends there over the past months and seeing their pride on display at this national event was heartwarming. Interacting with farmers, cooks, technicians, seamstresses, nurses, teachers, students, media representatives and more, who were patriots of their professions made for an interesting, moving and educational experience for me.

But the highlight of all things (as random as I am) was the family I met that made bottled juices from sugar cane - The Persuad’s. Big and little in the clan teamed up harmoniously to churn out cold beverages squeezed live and fresh from sugar cane stalks - a crop rooted deep in the twin-island Federation’s history. Each person had a role living up to the proverb ‘many hands make light work’. Their belief that nature and family can unite for livelihood was inspiring.

I’m sincerely looking forward to next year’s visit. (I’ll be more detail than fun oriented then!)

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